Eastern European Review on Contemporary Issues Vol. 1 No. 1 (2019)

Editor:  Sabrina Joséphine Bei

Special Editor: Melek Maksudoğlu

Eastern European Review on Contemporary Issues welcomes high quality contributions investigating topics in the modern international relations, minority issues, law, linguistics and communication from theoretical, empirical and critical perspectives. The Eastern European Review on Contemporary Issues mainly favors original and articulate review papers, but theory-focused articles, book reviews and other scientific contributions are also welcome. 

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Crimean Tatars, 75 Years on from Deportation to Annexation

Introduction – The Mass Deportation of the Crimean Tatars 75 Years ago J. Otto Pohl

Кримська Діаспора На Території Сучасної Туреччини: Від Анексії Криму До ІІ Світової Війни Рустем Аблятіфов

Amid a thousand and one stars: the Crimean Tatar language Melek Maksudoğlu

Kırım Tatar Sürgünü’nün Hukuksal Değerlendirmesi Namık Kemal Bayar

Kırım Kıbrıs Değildir Sadık Rıdvan Karluk

Crimea Is Not Kosovo David L. Phillips

Punitive Psychiatry Reemerges in Post-Soviet States: The Case of Ilmi Umerov Madeline Roache

Kitap İncelemesi: Brian Glyn Williams, The Crimean Tatars. From Soviet Genocide to Putin’s Conquest, Hurst & Company, Londra, 2015, XV s. 217 s. Bülent Tanatar

Contemporary Issues in Eastern and Southeastern Europe

Voting rights of IDPs in Ukraine: International and domestic legal perspectives Adam Drnovsky

Shoah Remembrance Among Polish Millennials: What Motivates Volunteers in Polish Jewish Event? Dariusz Sirko

Non-majority Media Between Diversity and Equality: An Analysis on the Turkish-Language Broadcasting in North Macedonia Abdullah Sencer Gözübenli, Nazli Tekeshanoska

Have We Learnt from the Past? New But Uncertain Obstacles in the Balkan Route Tuğçe Kılıç, Attila Szabó

Military Consequences of the Annexation of Crimea Ufuk Bal

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