Editor: Sabrina Joséphine Bei

Special Editor: Melek Maksudoğlu

Eastern European Review on Contemporary Issues welcomes high quality contributions investigating topics in the modern international relations, minority issues, law, linguistics and communication from theoretical, empirical and critical perspectives. The Eastern European Review on Contemporary Issues mainly favors original and articulate review papers, but theory-focused articles, book reviews and other scientific contributions are also welcome.

We are pleased to invite you to submit a manuscript to the first issue of the Eastern European Review on Contemporary Issues, with the special theme “Crimean Tatars, 75 Years on from Deportation to Annexation”.

It is now five years since Russia invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea. Crimea’s annexation by Russian Federation in 2014 marks a serious crisis of contemporary international law and of the world security system. The annexation violated a whole range of the fundamental principles of international law and treaties guaranteeing Ukraine’s territorial integrity, inviolability of borders and security.

On the other hand, it’s now seventy-five years Joseph Stalin deported the Crimean Tatars from their historical homeland, an action that cost nearly 200,000 lives at the time, set the stage for Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula, and continues in the form of a Russian aggression against that nation.

Based on this, we invite

  • Original research papers that focus on the history of Crimea,
  • Original research papers that focus on the economic and social impact of annexation of Crimea by Russia,
  • Original research papers that invastigate potentially serious long-term political and economic consequences of the annexation,
  • Review papers that provides an overview of civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights of Crimean Tatars in Ukraine and Russia.

The papers should be written in English, Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar or Turkish with English, Turkish (if possible), Ukrainian (if possible) and Crimean Tatar (if possible) abstracts.

The deadline for submission is 30.04.2019.

For all information about the papers authors could find in the Submission. (There will be no Submission Fee and no APC for this issue)

The papers should be submitted at the following address: